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News Sapete Rcionoscere un Pavor Notturno da un Incubo? Dolce Via Parenting consigli per sonno e spannolinamento

Do yo know how to recognize a Nocturnal Pavor from a nightmare? Advice from the sleeping consultant

Suddenly, during the night, you hear your baby screaming: his eyes are wide open, he is agitated and frightened and above all he does not seem to be conscious: he is not awake but neither he is asleep, his heartbeat is accelerated.

It seems to you that he had a bad nightmare and even thought he is apparently awaken he seems unable to get out of it. This is the case with a Nocturnal Pavor.


news tutti i segreti del pisolino. Dolce Via Parenting: consigli per il sonno e lo spannolinamento

All the secrets of the nap

Trust me! Night is not the only time we should worry about our baby’s sleep. In fact, naps are incredibly important for babies and toddlers, but the habits that regulate them constantly change, which can lead parents to believe that their baby is not tired or is ready to give up naps prematurely. But it’s not always like this. Here are some nap basics that apply to every child.


news bimbi che non dormono i cinque segreti per la nanna: Dolce Via consigli per il sonno e lo spannolinamento

Babies who do not sleep: the five secrets for bedtime

Mom, Dad, is your child not sleeping?

Believe me, you’re in very good company!  

Here is the first thing you need to focus on: yours is not an impossible problem to solve and you are not alone. Sometimes it just takes a little extra care to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

And since it’s important to start with small steps when starting something new, here are five easy tips to apply today to start changing your baby’s habits.


Il sonnellino è importante ma fino a che età: Dolce via parenting consigli per il sonno e lo spnalloniamento

Napping is important, but up to what age?

At what age should children stop taking afternoon naps? Let’s start by posting out that resting during the day improves learning, although it is often at odds with the need to devote more hours to homework and exercises assigned at school, which are beginning to play a role in children’s days even at pre-school age.


news Dalla Culla al Letto un cambiamento importante. Dolce via parenting consigli per sonno e spannolinamento

From cradle to bed: an important change!

Too often parents rush to get their baby out of the crib into a bed, as if it’s a sign of success or maturity. The reality is that very often it can be a mistake to speed up this process, as young children may lack the feeling of cozy containment in their crib. Or they could start getting up continuously during the night, thus leading parents to close the door, with the risk of causing tears and outbursts of anger at the very least appropriate moment, that is, before bedtime.


Children’s sleep regressions: how to deal with them

Your child has always slept peacefully and he has never given you any big problems, but suddenly there are continuous awakenings, endless crying and unbalanced naps that leave you a sense of bewilderment and frustration.
It is the “fault” of Sleep Regressions. I don’t like to call them that because they are actually connected to a great moment for our child: that of growing up and discovering new abilities. So more than a regression, I would say that it is progress, even if it won’t let us sleep for a while!


Does the pacifier help babies sleep?

The pacifier is certainly a great comfort object.

Babies find shelter in the pacifier, a consolation to their frustrations and a cuddle.

The pacifier can help during the first few months of the baby’s life mainly because it lowers stress levels, makes the baby feel protected and sucking decreases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or cot death).


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