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Animals Book

Libro Animali: Dolce Via Parenting consigli per sonno e spannolinamento

Baby Bottle

Great for babies who are breastfeeding and are learning to use a cup for the first time.

Bibs with pocket

Bibs with pocket, made of plastic that can be easily cleaned under water.

Bavaglini con tasca: Dolce Via Parenting consigli per sonno e spannolinamento
Tenda da Viaggio: dolce via parenting consiglio per il sonno e spannolinamento

Blackout Curtain

These curtains are perfect for when you go on a weekend or vacation, when the sun comes up very early and you have no other way to darken the room.

Blu Shoes

Super comfortable shoes for the first steps and up to 2 years! My daughter loved them!

Scarpine Blu: Dolce Via parenting consigli per sonno e spannolinamento
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